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Question (Q): Who can publish in the Tanzania Public Health Bulletin (TPHB)?

Answer (A):  All public health practitioners and Ministry of Health staff are encouraged to submit articles related to programs and daily performed activities, and researches to improve public health. Such publications will inform the public and promote Ministry of Health Programs. The Editor-in-chief will decide whether the article is likely to be of sufficient interest to the TPHB leadership.

Q: What is the difference between the TPHB and other peer reviewed journals?

A: The TPHB is published by the Ministry of Health.  It uses clear, concise, plain, and explicit language that is understood by professionals and laypersons. In addition, the TPHB publishes a wide range of objective, evidenced-based information for public consumption to minimize speculation, rumors, and distortion of information and encourage the public to take necessary actions to protect their health

Q: What types of articles are published in the TPHB?

A: The TPHB publishes and communicates vetted information, including:

Outbreak reports

IDSR data that are currently collected but not widely disseminated

In-depth analyses of surveillance data and trends

Evidence-based recommendations and guidelines for disease detection, prevention, and treatment

Policy briefs with the underlying evidence and analyses

Case Reports

Research studies relevant to public health priorities (findings with implications for public health)

Other ‘hot topics’

Q: Can an article published in another peer reviewed journal be published in the TPHB?

A: The policy of TPHB is to publish original articles not published in any journal, but if the article is of interest to the Tanzanian public, the TPHB can accept a simplified version by using simple language or an abstract to allow its audience to understand and utilize that information for the public health well-being.


Q: What benefits does the author gain by publishing in the TPHB?

A: The TPHB can publish an article within four months of submission, which is quicker than some journals.  The faster turnaround time and the targeted Tanzanian audience mean that your work will have greater potential to inform public health policy and programs. In addition, publications in the TPHB will be considered when applying for positions within the Ministry of Health.

Q: What are the fees for publishing in the TPHB?

A: There are no fees for submitting or publishing an article in the TPHB.

Q: How do I submit an article for publication?

A: Authors are encouraged to read the TPHB authors’ guide. All articles submitted for publication are subjected to review before being approved for publication.

Q: What happens if my article is rejected? What are my options?

A: We are committed to your publishing success. Your manuscript may be rejected by the TPHB for reasons other than its quality. It may be more suitable for other scientific journals. We will share our comments and suggest an alternative journal for you to submit to.

Q: Can I still make corrections to my article after it has been published online?

A: The online publication represents the official publication of the research results/activity report. As soon as the article is published online, it can be cited and is quotable. If changes are then made, confusion can easily arise with authors citing different version of the same publication. After publication, further changes can only be made in the form of Erratum, which will be hyper-linked to the article.

Q: Can I share my electronic copy of article with others?

A: Authors have the right to disseminate their article’s electronic copy as printout or email to their co-authors, research colleagues, working mates/staff and friends, disseminate widely.