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Ministry of Health


Clinical Service Section(This Section Led under Assistant Director)

                  This Section Will Perform The Following Activities

  • Develops and review protocols for appropriate services provision according to strategies ,policy guidelines and standards to ensure smooth running and clinical services.
  • Develop monitoring tools for clinical practice in the country
  • Facilitate provision of technical  support of clinical administration and management country wide.
  • Liaise with heads  of other departments on issues related to clinical management  and its's requirements.
  • Coordinate availability of appropriate infrastructure , human resource  , medical and non medical equipment's , supplies , commodities and medicines to ensure smooth running of services  at different levels  of care  and different sites of health service provision.
  • Facilitate and conduct supportive supervision and evaluate the quality of care at country wide.
  • Facilitate quarterly and annual evaluation meetings on nursing and midwifery  services to the Regional  Nursing Officer
  • Liaise  with other authorities at national and regional levels in identification and selection of nursing and midwifery leaders 

Nursing And Midwifery Division


  • To oversee the provision of quality of quality nursing and midwifery  services in the country


  • TO enhance quality of nursing and midwifery services at all levels provided by both public and private sectors.
  • To provide strategic technical advice to the Government on nursing and midwifery services within the health care system.
  • To promote evidence based and standardized nursing and midwifery practice
  • To develop collaborative partnership with key stakeholders at National , Regional and International levels.
  • To coordinate in-service professional development training for nursing and midwifery
  • The Division will be led by Director and will have two(2) Sections as follows:-
    • Quality Improvement Section
    • Clinical service section

Quality Improvement Section

The Section will perform the following activities :-

Develop/Review clinical nursing and midwifery services guidelines standards , protocols , indicators and monitor their implementation and application.