Customer Feedback Centre

Ministry of Health

Policy planning


To provide expertise and services in policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


  • To coordinate Ministerial budget;
  • To ensure internal as well as external monitoring and evaluation of the Ministry’s activities and targets;
  • To provide a basis for making informed decisions on the future direction of the Ministry;
  • To encourage and facilitate the provision of services by the Private Sector in the Ministry;
  • To collect and analyze information on the Works sectors to make informed decisions;
  • To prepare Ministerial contribution to the Budget Speech and Annual Economic Report;
  • To institutionalize strategic planning and Budget skills in the Ministry; and
  • To ensure that Works development plans and budgeting are integrated into the government budgeting process.

This Division will be led by a Director and will have the following Sections:-

  1. Policy Section;
  2. Planning Section; and
  3. Monitoring, Evaluation and Performance Reporting Section.

Policy Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

  • Formulate, review, implementation and monitoring of Ministry’s policies;
  • Coordinate review of Ministerial policies, update them and ensure consistency with National policies;
  • Review and advice on policy papers prepares by other Ministries;
  • Prepare memorandum of understanding for projects programmes for International Financing and Cooperation;
  • Compile implementation reports on Ruling Party Manifesto and Parliamentary Committee; and
  • Coordinate the preparation of Ministerial budget speech.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.

Planning Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

  • Coordinate formulation and preparation of the Ministry’s annual plan and medium term strategic plan;
  • Compile Ministerial projects, programmes and Action Plans;
  • Develop strategies for resource mobilization;
  • Liaise with Ministry of Finance and PO-PSM on Strategic Planning and Budgeting process within the Ministry;
  • Provide technical guidance and support for institutionalization of Strategic Planning and Budgeting process within the Ministry; and
  • Participate in analysis of outsourcing of non-core functions (Private Sector Participation).     

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.

Monitoring and Evaluation Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

  • Monitor implementation of the Ministry’s Annual Plan and Medium Term Strategic Plan;
  • Prepare periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly, mid-year, and annual) performance reports for the Ministry;
  • Collect, study and analyze statistics needed in the formulation and implementation of policies, plans and budgetary proposals;
  • Participate in preparing plans, programmes and budgetary activities of the Ministry including establishment of performance targets and indicators;
  • Provide technical support including institutionalization of M & E process within the Ministry;
  • Undertake research and evaluation studies of plans, projects and programmes undertaken by the Ministry;
  • Undertake service deliver surveys to collect stakeholders/clients views on services rendered by the Ministry;
  • Coordinate mid-year and annual performance reviews of the Ministry; and
  • Monitoring performance of Executive Agencies under the Ministry.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director