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The Tanzania Public Health Bulletin (TPHB) is an official publication of the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Tanzania. The TPHB is licensed and registered as a bulletin by the government (print media, license No. 00000246, International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2665-0576). It complements the activities of the Ministry by providing timely, reliable, authoritative, accurate, objective, and useful public health information, including recommendations to the public and health professionals with a focus of promoting health and minimizing public health threats. Therefore, TPHB carries forward the government’s key public health messages. It acts as an accessible source of information that is easily referenced by media industry (bloggers, journalists), academics, researchers, health practitioners, professionals and the general public. All articles are subjected to peer-review and government vetting before publication. Therefore, the government is held responsible for the published information.

Importance of TPHB

By using plain and explicit language, and through regular publication and dissemination via multiple distribution channels, including a dedicated website, information is accessible and continually utilized and referenced. As a result, it reduces public health threats exacerbated by distortion of information. It also clearly distinguishes between what is known and what is merely suspected. The TPHB also strengthens health systems by tracking and reporting health information data at national and subnational levels.

Publication Policy

There are no fees payable for submitting and publishing an article in the TPHB. Materials published in TPHB are freely accessed and could be shared widely in hardcopy or electronic format.


The TPHB publishes evidence-based, high quality vetted invited and unsolicited articles that report public health information that promotes health and minimizes health threats. The Editors and International advisory team will continue to maintain and ensure the high-quality standards of the articles, that is the hallmark of the Bulletin.

The bulletin will publish and communicate various types of vetted public health information, but not limited to:

IDSR data that are currently collected but not widely disseminated

In depth analyses of surveillance data and trends

Outbreak reports

Case reports

Recommendations and guidelines for disease detection, prevention, and treatment with the evidence and analyses upon which the recommendations or guidelines are based

Policy briefs with the underlying evidence and analyses

Research studies relevant to public health priorities (findings with implications for public health)

Other ‘hot topics’


Policy makers, media industry (journalists and bloggers), health professionals, researchers, academia, development partners, local and international non-governmental organization and the general public.