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Posted on: July 23rd, 2024



The Data Use Partnership (DUP) is a government-led initiative that is improving the national health care system through better use of health information. Under DUP, the government is working with PATH to strengthen digital health and build local capacity so that everyone—from government officials to health workers to patients—can have better access to data and make more informed decisions, leading to a healthier Tanzania. The DUP initiative is laying the foundation for digital transformation by launching new digital health systems, establishing governance bodies, and introducing policy reform.

More Of Data Use Partnership Initiative Journey And Its Impact On Digital Health



The DUP initiative is working at every level of the health system to unlock better health care for Tanzanians. In early 2016, the government of Tanzania, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and PATH, conducted a thorough landscape and gap analysis to identify the greatest opportunities to address key challenges impeding health system performance. Through this landscape and gap analysis, the government produced a Digital Health Investment Roadmap, which was updated in 2021 and consists of 17 strategic investment recommendations for using data to improve health services and outcomes. The DUP initiative is a direct response to this roadmap, working across four main areas to achieve digital transformation. 

  •           Strengthening Digital Governance And Policy
  •           Building Health Worker Capacity For The Future
  •           Digitalizing Primary Health Care
  •           Coordinating The Digital Health Ecosystem And Investments


  • Improved government coordination and oversight

 Availability of digital health guiding documents—such as the National Digital Health Strategy, Digital Health Investment Roadmap, Center of Digital Health (CDH) operationalization manual, and Tanzania Health Enterprise Architecture (TZHEA) blueprint—improved governance mechanisms, making it easier to coordinate, align, and manage digital health initiatives in the country.

  • Streamlined implementation of digital health and data systems

Establishment of  Center for Digital Health.pdf  created a dedicated, sector-focused digital health unit that will oversee, coordinate, and streamline the implementation of digital health and data initiatives and systems by government institutions and partners.

  • Digitalization of primary health care

In alignment with the health enterprise architecture supports seamless interoperability and data exchange between and within facilities to improve clinical decisions, quality of care, and patient outcomes.

  • Facilitated, data-driven, and harmonized facility supportive supervision

 Development and rollout of the Afya Supportive Supervision (AfyaSS) System has improved supervision mechanisms in health facilities.

  • Institutionalization of data use

 The data use toolkit and eLearning platform enable health managers and in-service health workers to learn and use data for decisions and actions.

  • Digitalization of administrative area registry

The administrative area registry system has enabled central registration and certification of 12,000+ villages countrywide. It remains a single source of administrative areas in the country and a foundation for other systems.

  • Revamping of the HRHIS for better visibility

 The HRHIS platform tracks individual health worker information from colleges/universities, professional councils, public and private employers, and continuous professional development. The system supports identification of available workforce.

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Achievement of DUP Initiative in Timeline

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